capacity, Bolt On Fold-Away Hinge Kit is designed to fit 3" x 3" trailer tongues. Copyright © 2010-2013 Matthew B. Marsh. Stop the vehicle by braking, but do not put the transmission into "Park" or the vehicle may move slightly, causing the holes to become misaligned. Its a tilt trailer, so there is no welding involved. In this example, the owner mounted the receiver above the tongue to avoid having to remove the triangular skid leg under the tongue. where did you source your materials? For a small, light boat like Sunset Chaser, a modification like this is a pretty straightforward DIY metalworking project. A-Frame Jacks . bolt, zinc plated, weld on . I installed 1/2″ plastic conduit sleeves over the three through bolts to help roll the extension in and out of the outer tube. and a tongue weight rating of 350 lbs. It's easy, self storing and works great. We use only grade 8, North American certified bolts for attachment. It comes with a half-inch hole in which you place a standard trailer hitch pin like the one shown (after drilling a hole in your extension tube to match). You may have to get creative with where and how you mount the receiver (available in 12- and 18-inch lengths) on top of or below the trailer tongue. Can I safely add on 1-2 feet, or should I replace the whole tongue? The end or opening on the trailer side of the extension is plenty safe with the three hitch pins you installed. sku: 504468. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Our fully adjustable hitch extension is cast from steel and can be rotated for additional height options. Add to Cart. Quick view. Turner wrote:Do you know why they said it wasn't a good idea to piece the tongue extension together? Pivot Swing tongue to ensure system works correctly. The whole trailer is bolt together so welding an extension would not be necessary. Step 6 (Important: An extension like this is only for use at the ramp, NOT for towing.). Fulton HDPB330101 Fold-Away Bolt-On Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Beam - up to 5,000 lb.GTW 4.8 out of 5 stars 541 YAKIMA - Tongue Extension Kit, Adds 3 Feet to RackandRoll Trailer Tongue, Increases Carrying Capacity 3.5 out of 5 stars 5 Heavy Duty Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg, 23-5/8" Lift, 12V DC Heavy Duty Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg, 23-5/8" Lift, 12V DC 4.6 out of 5 stars 506 Camper Stabilizer jacks can be added to the undercarriage of most campers to assist in leveling and stabilizing. It extends the receiver by 8" and features a gross trailer weight capacity of 3,500 lbs. Use No. Pivot length is the measurement from the center line of the coupler ball to the farthest pivot hole. No need to full weld, good stitching all around and the end should never flair or split. We use only grade 8, North American certified bolts for attachment. I want to extend my trailers tongue by 1-2 feet. It is very important that all the parts are up to safe working standards. Heavy-duty hot dip galvanized trailer tongue with .072" nominal wall thickness. The SuperTruss Extension is available in eight lengths from 21 inches to 60 inches and works exclusively with our SuperHitch or SuperHitch Magnum. Fulton HD50000101 Bolt-On Trailer Tongue Jack with Drop Leg - 5000 lb. Boat Trailer Tongues are the connection point to your tow vehicle. Here's the position we want in the water. PRICES. (20411 kg) Gross Trailer Weight Hope this is helpful, I am in no way, shape or form trying to criticize the fine work you have done on this project. Add to Compare. The reason they would have been adopted by most of the industry is as a preventative measure against stretch and split. A slide-in coupling, similar to a tow vehicle's drawbar, is simpler and easier to fabricate than a folding hinge. Boat Trailer Tongue Jacks; Boat Trailer Winches and Stands; Truck and Towing Parts; Boat and Marine Products; Galvanized Boat Trailer Axles . KC, I am confused with what you mean by 5 bolt on square tube? Description. Here's the position we want in the water. A Frame Trailer Tongue Jacks Drop Foot Trailer Jacks Bolt On Swivel Trailer Jacks Pipe Mount Trailer Jacks Trailer Jack Accessories Snap Ring Trailer Jack EZ Jack. Stock# 5020621 FULTON 5000 lb. Provides space saving alternative for easy storage. Well it does matter for how much articulation you can get. This is especially true for sailboats, which typically sit higher on the trailer. Excellent corrosion protection with Z-Max 600-hour clear zinc finish. While the rare trailer comes with a built-in, slide-out tongue extension, many boat trailers are simply too short for boaters to easily launch and retrieve their boats at shallow ramps without driving at least the rear wheels into the water—or worse. (4082 kg) Vertical Load 45,000 lbs. Folding trailer tongues are nice, but a folding mechanism is expensive and hard to retrofit to an existing trailer. If you jerk the vehicle ahead or go too fast, you could potentially bend the tongue extension and cause it to become bound, or you could pull it completely out of the housing and cause the trailer to collapse. A long tongue won't fit in the garage, though, so the extension has to be collapsable. Increase the versatility of your ramp gate trailer by eliminating the need to slide the ramp in and out to accommodate your various load. The replacement M416 bracket allows extending the tongue and use of any coupler. The 6-foot extension shown here along with its own hitch coupler and the receiver hardware attached to the trailer cost only $120 for parts and took about an hour to assemble. The previous photo showed the receiver mounted with 3/8-inch bolts through clamp pieces from a U bolt— the heaviest off-the-shelf clamps from the local big-box hardware store. $83.25. A tongue extension is easy to use and makes launch and retrieval much easier. ** Available in galvanized only. It's simple, it's crude and it doesn't look like much, but it's a cheap and convenient way to get a better-handling trailer that's usable when the lake levels are down. Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat – 1. $237 - M416 Tongue Bracket complete kit; Includes Tongue Bracket, Tongue Insert, Safety Cable kit, Angle iron bolt-on jack brackets and a 2” ball coupler. Secure the hinge pin with hair pin cotter. DO YOU WANT TO EXTEND YOUR TOY HAULER OR TRAILER? Retaining the flexible hose, when the tongue is retracted is a bit more difficult than the cable, and care needs to be taken coiling the loose hose to prevent the hose from being kinked or damaged when securing to the trailer. FOLD-AWAY bolt-on trailer tongue kits provide space saving alternative for easy storage. The tongue is 2 X 3 galvanized, and just under 11 long. The extension is secured with three 1/2" hitch pins, the same type used for Class II drawbars. 52 Items . 36" Galvanized Ramps for Kit Trailers. FULTON 5000 lb. Nothing on this site constitutes legal or engineering advice. 1 7/8" Truck Hitch Balls 2" Truck Hitch Balls 2 5/16" Truck Hitch Balls Trailer Convert A Ball. Use 1/8" Fillet Weld as shown below. Unpin and pull it out and repin with same pin. Any two of them can fail and the coupling will still be more than strong enough for this boat. The basic steps are: Unbolt and remove original lunette ring casting; Drill two extra holes in each of the tongue supports; Bolt new retrofit bracket in place; Install your tongue insert with new coupler 4.6 out of 5 stars 270. Add to Cart. 5020620. Apply light grease to the 5/8 inch pivot bolt and secured to the castings with a 5/8 lock nut. Attach the swing tongue to the trailer tongue by meeting the castings together. 52 Items . Used on straight tongue trailers, and semitrailers (including doubles). Submitted by Matthew on 2013, June 4 - 19:14. Trailer tongue material thickness must be between.188" and.120" Capacity: up to 5,000 lbs (see table) 5-Year limited warranty; Use the table below to determine your maximum pivot length based on your trailer capacity. Details. That's what makes baking a boat easy. HOW IT WORKS. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. per page. Set Descending Direction. With the local water levels already low and going lower, the time was right for us to modify Sunset Chaser's trailer for shallower ramps. †Measurements are approximate. On land, it looks a bit funny, almost like it's overloaded and sagging in the middle. We also offer complete Lock’n Roll hitches available in the Trailer Frame Parts section. It allows the trailer tongue to clear tow vehicle encumbrances like steps and tailshelves. Our Toy Hauler Extension kit does just that, and installs in only one to two … We don't notice this as much inside the tow vehicle but the receiver sure does. $152.06 $ 152. without excessive deformation of the coupler or the trailer tongue. Square tube trailer main frame. Unique patented offset design for superior on road performance. It already has a ball coupler on it and a stop bolt at the end to keep it from coming all the way out. Sort By. Can you spot the flaw in this arrangement? So drive very slowly to avoid ruining your day on the water. The material the tongue is made from looks like 2 1/2 wide by 2 inches tall box steel that is open to the bottom. Perfect for your heavy-duty towing needs, this rust-resistant, extended-length coupler is designed to be bolted onto your trailer's tongue.... installation Made in the USA Specs: Ball size: 2-5/16" Mounting: 3" wide channel tongue Capacity: 21,000 lbs 1-Year warranty 4853100 Titan Extended Coupler - 2-5/16" Standard Coupler; 3 Inch Channel; Bolt-On; Titan For bolt on applications, bolt the actuator to the tongue using two 5/8 inch by 4 inch grade 5 or better bolts, nuts, and lock washers if using outer case #17349 or #44883 <1>. SKU. Whether it's a shallow ramp, low tide, or shore launching, now you can do it easier! Standard Sizes: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 42″ Custom Sizes Available Just watch at any boat launch. Fitting an extendable tongue to your trailer can increase its versatility, particularly if you occasionally require transporting long lengths of material (building materials, pipes, joinery, etc..) or even if you want to throw a kayak onto the trailer. Hardware-store brackets were used to bolt the receiver in place. Trailer Parts Tech Tip: Couplers/Hitch Balls. Connect Tongue to Trailer Attach swing tongue to trailer tongue by mating castings together. It was about 20' long and had about 4' overlap with the existing tongue for about 16' of extension. and 1,200 lbs. Are you talking about the wheel hubs 5 bolts? Show. Figure 1 shows the standard mounting patterns used on three inch wide trailer tongues. BOLT-ON KIT. test6980. #4. chuppie likes this. A small band welded at the very end, placing seams opposite each other and the hitch was good for many, many moons of whatever the road conditions had to offer. PRICES. More Buying Choices $150.59 (22 new offers) LIBRA New 2000 lbs A Frame Topwind Trailer Camper RV Tongue Jack with 6" Caster Wheel 26003/26024. Qty: Add to Cart. POWER JACKS make hooking up a trailer hassle-free. This CURT hitch extension is designed to fit a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening. coupler and tongue. The original two clamps were kept for added strength but repositioned. Includes all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. The extension itself is a heavy steel square tube of appropriate size for the trailer. Straight-tongue coupler bolts onto your 2-1/2" wide trailer tongue. Twist bolt 53x25x12.5mm bolt, zinc plated, weld on ... TrailerTek are a major UK supplier of trailer parts, trailer lights, cycle racks, towbars as well as trailer repairs. Submitted by Ray Roy (not verified) on 2016, June 18 - 15:17. Read the instructions through a couple of times before starting the installation, so you do not miss anything and then take your time. Allowed HTML tags:
    1. . And amazingly, only one company can be found online making a bolt-on kit, ExtendaHitch, but it's rather expensive and may require other trailer modifications, such as sawing off the "skid leg" typically found beneath the trailer's tongue. 3.0″ ID hitches available separately. Weight Capacity, Beige. The There is a seam there that could fail also. OUT OF STOCK . The solution was simple enough. Submitted by Scott (not verified) on 2017, March 9 - 18:38. Hi, i'm looking to do the same thing on a heavier boat, i have no doubts on the forces as it will only be extended for launching and hauling out. It allows the trailer tongue to clear tow vehicle encumbrances like steps and tailshelves. The other end of the steel extension tube slides into the steel receiver tube that is mounted on the trailer tongue—this receiver is just like the receiver piece on many trailer hitch class 2 or 3 receivers mounted on vehicles. Also you need a new coupling, and make sure those lights work. The trailer's bunks are submerged to almost exactly the same depth that the boat's hull draws with one person aboard. Price . My only worries here would be the lack of the small band that you would normally find on all or mostly all receivers on the car end. Fulton 3" x 3" Bolt-On Trailer Hinge Kit Fold-Away Coupler 5,000 lbs Tongue Frame Bulk. Good job on the trailer tongue extension. LOADRITE 2" x 2" x 86" x .095" Galvanized Trailer Crossbar #1375.126 . mine is a galvanized trailer, so i'm struggeling with finding the size tubing i need. Swing Away Trailer Tongue Or Trailer Tongue Extension Trailer Tongue Jack 1500lb Bolt On Swing Away 30 61 Titan Aero 7500 Swing Away Drum Brake Actuator Bolt On Catastrophic Trailer … The V-chock is just barely out of the water, and the car's brakes remain high and dry. On the vehicle end of the extension is mounted a standard hitch coupler, available in different bar sizes and for different size trailer balls. Tongues do not come with couplers or hardware. Twist bolt , 57x30x19mm dia. Square Trailer Jack 26" Lift Drop Leg Spring Return Pin on Side w/ Crank. Save money and extend your trailer. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. As you know. (There's not much need to move the winch stand on a trailer that will only ever carry one boat.). Set Descending Direction. These spacers were scrap steel—very heavy rectangular tube cross-sections. It is equipped with pre-drilled holes to match the existing bolt pattern on most trailer tongue beams. Pro Series 12,000 lbs. View all > Trailer Fenders. The problem is that the tongue of the trailer must be held up, requiring the use of a wheeled tongue jack or other wheels once the trailer is unhitched. 2730 Shipping company's currently are adding a minimum $90.00 fee on over-length shipments. By the looks of that trailer if you are going to try to put it on the road, with a 18ft boat, 115hp motor 18 gal. Chock the trailer's wheels and uncouple it from your hitch, pull forward and slip the extension bar in place, pin it, and hitch the extended coupler to your vehicle and back it in. 9,000 lbs. In the event that the holes in your trailer tongue do not match up with the QuickPin™ coupler … both the pre-existing and the one you added? Re: Trailer Tongue Extension--- YES I SEARCHED.... Cut off Jack at welds, remove or cut off swivel unit, buy some u-bolts and bolt it to your new tongue. 5 lug nut rims. Price . Original tongue tube with extension removed to show one of the rollers Two tubes deserve two pins An engineer who was consulted was concerned what would happen with any twisting or sideways force on that mounting, so the boat owner decided to beef up the mount as shown here. The key to successfully extending the tongue is pulling ahead very slowly. I just thought I might save you a bit of frustration down the road. A third 1/2″ through bolt 2′ from the front end would hold the inner tube when the tongue is extended. I an no longer read the model so I have no way of finding info other then measuring trailer. Trailer Parts. TRAILER JACKS. The Parts of the Boat, How to Make Your Own Stern Pulpit Rail Seat, How to Build a Skateboard Quarter Pipe Ramp, A Comprehensive Review of the MacGregor 26M Sailboat, Control Your Tiller Without a Tiller-Tamer, Easy Boat Improvements 2 - Galley Improvements, How to Tow a Trailer Behind a Pickup or Car. On an “A” frame tongue of 4' to 5' long, it is not uncommon to have an extendable tongue section that can take the overall tongue length out to 8' or longer depending on the material used. My old sailboat trailer had an extension tongue. 3.0″ ID hitches available separately. Apply light grease to 5/8” pivot bolt. To launch, simply back the trailer to the head of the ramp at a level point, aligned so that you will go straight back. Once had a straight tongue trailer that was long enough I could turn it 90° to the vehicle. Torque to 50 foot-pounds. Quantity . You could take your trailer to a welding shop to have the receiver for a removable extension welded in place, but that costs more too and is inconvenient. The patented cast hinge design offers strength coupled with a sleek appearance. $29 – 2” Ball Coupler, 3500 lb rated, includes drilling tongue insert for coupler and hardware. Sort By. Note-Cannot Be Shipped Via Ground Service. Great for extended trips and part-time RVing. For straight in-and-out trailer use at the ramp, this arrangement has proved more than strong enough for this owner's boat under 2000 lbs, though of course it should not be used for trailering the boat more than the short distance up and down the ramp. Painted Steel Round Trailer Axles. The following list was printed from the Fulton website on Saturday, December 26, 2020 at 11:04 PM Hitch Extension. Weize Power Tongue Jack, 3500 Lb. Allows 34" of the trailer tongue to fold-away, letting a boat trailer fit inside most smaller garages. Insert lightly greased hinge pins and secure through the top of the castings. LIMITED TIME OFFER Home admin 2020-09-22T11:50:41-07:00. Instead, you can build your own removable extension with simple tools and readily available parts that bolt together. what size was the tubing you used? Fulton Heavy Duty Fold-Away Bolt-On Trailer Tongue Hinge Kit The Ideal Solution to Reduce Trailer Length for Storage in Garages, Shops, and other Restrictive Spaces Fulton's Fold-Away Bolt-On Hinge Kits convert standard trailer tongues to convenient fold-away configurations while preserving the existing coupler. The difference is marginal with the low-profile Elantra serving as tow vehicle, but every centimetre counts when dealing with the higher tow point of a truck or van. ... View all > Trailer Bolts. The patented cast hinge design offers strength coupled with a sleek appearance. No more worrying about; 1)will I damage my vehicle, 2)will I get stuck, 3)will I need a costly tow truck, 4)or, the ultimate disaster, WILL I LAUNCH MY TRUCK ALONG WITH MY BOAT? Amazon's Choice for Folding Trailer Tongue Fulton HDPB330101 Fold-Away Bolt-On Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Beam - 5,000 lb. In principle, this works just the same as the bolted-on version. Some boaters go to the trouble to mount other, large wheels to support the tongue and then use a chain extender to let the trailer roll down and to haul it back up, but the chain approach doesn't offer the same control—and ultimately costs as much as or more than the simple tongue extension you can craft yourself. Use with actuators or standard couplers to create a foldaway tongue up to 48" long so that your trailer can be stored in even the smallest garage. $102.47 . Show. Pull trigger and pull up on the latch to open the ball socket. Extendable tongues are great for boat trailers launching and retrieving in shallow water. View all > Trailer Jacks. Reese Bolt-On ATV Receiver Hitch has a unique design that enables dual towing capability with the ball mount or pint mount; Heavy-duty 2" (5 cm) receiver mount for additional ball mount inserts; Reversible for trailer hitch height adjustment; 3/4" (1.9 cm) hitch ball mounting hole; Fits most ATV's with factory hitch; For off-road use only; SPECIFICATIONS. Trailer tongue jacks are an excellent addition to any trailer to ease loading and unloading from the hitch ball. My extension is stored in a 4x4 box steel welded to the tongue. So asking for an arbitrary number to lengthen the tongue isn't going to work. Tom Lochhaas is an experienced sailor who has developed several boating safety books with the American Red Cross and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. View all Trailer Body Components Shop >> Trailer Hitch Balls. The idea is to get an extra metre or so of tongue length, so that the boat can get farther down the ramp without having to dunk the back of the car. At that point the assembly was about 40' long. (Shipping Available On Via Common Carrier. brgsprint, Jun 8, 2017 #5. brgsprint Long timer Supporter. If you like to do it yourself, and take pride in doing a job right, then I would suggest the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit for 3 x 3 inch Tongue - Bolt-On - 3,500 lbs, item # FHDPB330301, for your trailer tongue. *A tongue extension at an additional charge, is required for the /1’ & /2’ longer models. Weight Capacity 4.8 out of 5 stars 807 This required a longer extension tube to achieve the desired extension, but the long extension piece is easily stowed along the bottom of the trailer as shown here. E6011 A.W.S Welding Rod (AC RO DCAP) 1/8" Dia. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Light weight tongues require spacer tubes inside for rein-forcement when bolting. Wheeled tongue jacks are not designed for the loads involved and seldom last long. Look in ODAY 26 section. 95-tra3p tongue roller assembly - 3”tongue, 5”poly. Click on the PART NUMBER to add parts to the “ Your Saved Parts ” to request a quote. They include the necessary mounting hardware. The very end of the hitch is prone to absorbing a great amount of bounce and weave due to road conditions.