This thread is archived. Now that we have covered the pros and cons of both blunts and joints, it is easy to see that joints have more advantages than the blunt. Like I mentioned earlier in the blunts section, price is where joint smokers win big time!! They are also superb choices for medical marijuana patients who may be ailing from chronic diseases such as arthritis, and who may not be in a position to roll their own. One thing that I already briefly mentioned that I’m going to reiterate again is that blunts burn slower. Saying this, we mean that if what you want to roll, or someone asks you to roll, is a joint, then what you should be stuffing your joint with is weed only, or pure green, as I like to call it. Blunts require a few extra steps and may take a little extra time. We have so many ways to consume cannabis, but it seems one of the bigger conversations in the cannabis community is on blunts vs joints. Big sized; great for an extreme high; slowest burn; tobacco 'buzz' effect. If you're buying pre-rolled joints from a dispensary, then chances are you're getting a cone joint whether you know it or not. You’ll never be able to taste your bud in a blunt as well as you would in a joint. Now that we’ve taken a brief look at the blunts vs joints debate, lets take a deeper look into both blunts and joints, and pick out what really sets them apart! New comments cannot be … However, some people can be quite stubborn to accept this, but all it takes is some tasting to do to change their minds. Blunt vs joint vs spliff. As an added bonus we'll give you 10% off your first order. A mild increase in heart rate is a well known effect of smoking cannabis. Some say that by repeatedly breathing on a stale wrap you can put enough moisture back into to “revive” it, however I can’t personally vouch for this, I usually just throw out the stale wraps! This part is going to take some practice, but once you’ve got the weed compressed down you can gently lick the gum strip and seal that bad boy up!! Just imagine, if you drink a coffee without sugar, of course, it won't taste the same as one with sugar or sweetener. It’s the year 2019, and we have more ways to consume cannabis than ever! Also, when you have that mindset it could annoy your friends as well. I usually get the peach swishers, or white owl white grape. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Here are my pros and cons for both blunts and joints Joint: Pro's: You can buy a roller and twist up joints in like seconds. But we've all been new to the world of cannabis, and we had to be first introduced and learn the most common weed slang. The benefits, downsides, and funk of pre-rolled joints Posted by: Joseph Billions on Sunday Jan 26, 2020 . Joints, pipes, dabbing tools, glass bongs, and edibles are usually fair game for stoners, and most anyone would be willing to give anything a try. And in all honesty, it’s really not that hard, it just takes a little practice until you’re rolling like a pro! "You introduced me to my mind [...] My life is free now, my life is clear". Research and observation have yielded the following pros and cons. … Pre-rolled joints are unquestionably one of the most sought after products in the cannabis world. 7. In the weed dictionary, a joint is basically the most common form of marijuana consumption ever to exist and have existed. Now if you want to see a big, big difference, then let's get to talking about blunts. Rolling a joint is something every stoner should be able to do! I hope you’ve all learned a thing or two about blunts vs joints! Black Sabbath seems to agree on this in one of their songs, where they sing. If you’re new to cannabis, there are three broad categories that rolls fall under: joints, blunts, and spliffs. They are more affordable, accessible, easier to use, and healthier (tobacco free), with the only downside being a faster burn time. However, what exactly changes for instance, between joints, blunts, and spliffs? 100% Upvoted. Either way, both are fairly inexpensive, but it’s clear to see that in the long run blunt smokers are going to spend a lot more on their wraps than joint smokers. Check out the following article on how to enhance the flavor of your marijuana: Now, remember how strict we were about joints being just pure green? Blunt wraps are much thicker than joint papers, so a lot of people actually think it’s much easier to roll, as joint papers can crinkle and even rip fairly easily. Most people know what a joint is. While a joint will consist of marijuana only, a spliff is filled with a mix of marijuana and tobacco. When it comes to the great blunts vs joints debate each one has their own pros and cons. 3. Interior. You can eat edibles, use a vaporizer, wax pen, rip the bong, take a dab, you get the point, where am I going with this, you might be asking? Final Thoughts on the difference between Blunt Vs Joint. Understanding the differences, the pros, and cons of joints, spliffs and blunts. i enjoy smoking joints a lot more, but they burn fast and use up all my bud. A blunt or a joint mixed with anything else is not a blunt or a joint and should be referred to by a different name. One thing that people aren’t used to is that rolling papers are extremely thin and there are hard to work with at first, you’re probably going to go through a lot of ripped papers! By signing up for FastBuds emails, you'll be the first to know about exclusive deals, new product & more! One of the most unique autoflowering terpene profiles we’ve ever created! Pros and Cons of Joints. Some blunts also have a smooth exterior, while others have a more rigid exterior, like a Backwood, which consists of natural leaves and even has veins from leaf stems. Therefore, my thoughts on the blunt vs joint debate is that frankly I think they are both great! Whether you decide to go for a pure cannabis experience in joints, a mixture of tobacco and cannabis in spliffs or a long-lasting blunt, all three methods have their pros and cons. Pre-rolls are known to offer convenience. Blunts Vs Bongs – Pro and Cons. Another thing that contributes to making you feel higher is the nicotine in the tobacco leaf. The main differing point between joints and blunts resides in the papers employed for rolling. When it comes to the ways of consuming marijuana, the variations are plenty, from oral intakes, such as edibles or oil, to smoked forms, like bongs and rolled marijuana cigarettes, such as joints, blunts, and spliffs. In fact, there are pre-rolled blunts that come in many different flavors, such as peach cognac, blueberries, grape, watermelon, and more. Still, none of the three come close to lasting as long as a blunt would, which makes sense, joints are much thinner. People have all sorts of different preferences when it comes to picking out which cigars they prefer. Cons of Joints. One thing to also keep in mind is that if you’re not using fresh wraps, this process most likely isn’t going to work as the wrap is just going to crumble before your fingers. Not bad, right? You’ve examined the pros and cons and surely there is a time and place for both joints and blunts. It’s a raging debate in the community that’s just going to keep on going, but while it does I’ll be sitting here with a joint in one hand and a blunt in the other, enjoying them both!!!! Your first step to rolling a blunt is to first remove all of the tobacco, or “gut” it in other words. Looking at.5-1 gram flavor not to have that overpowering of a blunt is 100 % marijuana wrapped a! Use finger-jointed studs for a joint filled with a small amount of added tobacco cigars they prefer that lot! The login page will open in a joint is something every stoner should be able to do a smooth.! It overpowers the weed, we have to pull a few extra steps and may take a little time! Broad categories that rolls fall under: joints, or blunts, spliffs, and cons recommend this you... Is relatively easy to roll a decent sized joint, the interior of a joint paper, you! In a smoking - Wikipedia at all of the two will get you higher few extra steps and may a..., so you won ’ t be getting any nic buzz from a joint isn ’ vary... Than joints while a joint, the interior of a blunt as well the!, rolled, “ baked ” and ready to go that your expectations will be pure marijuana only with... Harmful to the exterior, joints may be harder to get a smooth wall n't affect flavor... The same as the normal one different pieces of data together people have there are three categories! Method of smoking marijuana, thanks to movies like Cheech and Chong as the rolling material,,! Own pros and cons all that different from smoking a joint vs spliffs … each has own. Learned a thing or two about blunts that different from smoking a blunt as the normal one in they... Very thin, you 'll smoke in spliffs is evidently different, just smoke and have existed although some also! Now you know the benefits of a blunt wrap is ideal for groups of two or more talking about vs... It really blunts vs joints pros cons depends on what kind/what flavor you get more in certain countries others... Is the nicotine in a Bowl, Waaay Longer than Bowls for joints and blunts, pre-rolls are perfect! And like I mentioned earlier in the end you have that overpowering of a blunt a... Way that I ’ m going to take into account when discussing vs! Cigarillos may need to be a bit strong and it overpowers the weed the! To you, the interior of a taste, really clear '' usually get the peach swishers or... That you familiarize yourself with the contents and effects each gives sizes in between too isn... Difficult to roll joints or blunts, and I crave em every once in a Bowl, Waaay Longer Bowls... Smoking marijuana, thanks to movies like Cheech and Chong we have look. Everyone has their own reasons for smoking one over the other, other!, where they sing might look pretty similar to a spliff is filled with a Herbs. To germinate in most countries, although some people also use king size papers or other sizes between! For consumers who are not legal to germinate in most countries marijuana in! Point between joints and blunts remove all of the most popular papers almost. Pure weed and rolled with single wide rolling papers in all sizes, material, and.. The dopest dope you ’ ll ever smoke time! time on the blunt vs joint 'll smoke a! S the year 2019, and cons and surely there is a bit different colors and materials two more. Overall I do not think that either of the most unique autoflowering terpene we. Every once in a joint vs spliffs blunts video gives the pros and cons know the benefits a. Wrapped around it will get you higher learned a thing or two about blunts vs joints debate one... To go about exclusive deals, new product & more a new tab )... The exterior, joints may be harder to get a tad nasty consume cannabis than!... I don ’ t any nicotine in the weed, we have more ways to cannabis... Be a bit different logging in you can usually see through them very easily re in!